Lady Gaga Tweeted “What’s Fortnight?” and She’s Being Endlessly Dragged

Lady Gaga broke the internet thanks to tweeting “What’s Fortnight?” (FYI, it’s spelled “Fortnite.”) Fans are trolling Gaga on Twitter, but some people think she’s trolling and/or giving everyone a clue about her new music. So, the other day Lady Gaga hit up Twitter and posed the following innocent question: “What’s Fortnite?” Wait, sorry, she… Read More »

High levels of air pollution seem to be linked to early miscarriages

By Jessica Hamzelou Exposure to air pollution may affect the development of a fetusEdward Wong/South China Morning Post via Getty Images High levels of air pollution may increase the chance of a missed miscarriage, according to data from pregnant women living and working in Beijing, China. “We have clear evidence and accumulating knowledge that there… Read More »